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Siemens is launching their Cybersecurity webcast series

Siemens is launching their Cybersecurity webcast series
photo: Siemens/Siemens
02 / 11 / 2021

Siemens, a company that cares about an increasing number of cyberattacks, is now launching a project aimed at the issue of cyber terrorism.

This informative and engaging Webcast is divided into 4 episodes, giving enough airtime to each broadcaster focusing on Siemens’ holistic approach to cyber security, cybersecurity at Siemens’ companies Smart Infrastructure, Mobility, and Digital Industries. Each episode consists of four different panels with some of the best and brightest in cybersecurity that Siemens has to offer. They’ll start Oct. 6th with the episode on Siemens’ cybersecurity approach – and then, every two weeks, they’ll publish another webcast for you until Nov. 17

Here are the dates for these upcoming series:

Cybersecurity at Siemens – 6th Oct  

Cybersecurity for Smart Infrastructure – 20th Oct

Cybersecurity for Mobility – 3rd Nov

Cybersecurity for Digital Industries – 17th Nov