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Sławków: A hub for humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Sławków: A hub for humanitarian aid to Ukraine
photo: Archiv/Railway
04 / 03 / 2022

The efforts to help Ukraine are made on all fronts that you can think of and both state and private enterprises are trying to help. The same goes for Polish and Ukrainian logistical companies.

Polish and Ukrainian logistical companies join forces to create a rail corridor for humanitarian aid. Initiated by Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways – UZ) it has two main hubs, Sławków in Poland, and Lviv in Ukraine.

“Russia’s aggression has already caused a terrible humanitarian catastrophe – the killing of innocent people, the destruction of infrastructure and entire cities. Join to help Ukrainian people! There are certain ways you can help Ukraine as international businessmen, investors, and corporations,” noted the Ukrainian companies in a joint statement published on Tuesday, March 1.

Any company or an individual who wants to help and assist with the humanitarian aid to Ukraine can send goods to the departure point – Sławków. For delivery to Sławków anyone can use the PCC Intermodal network of trucks and trains. 

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