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The RTB Cargo and Cargo motion are licensed for Hungary

The RTB Cargo and Cargo motion are licensed for Hungary
photo: Archives/Railway
05 / 11 / 2020

At the end of October, RTB Cargo Hungary obtained its own certificate, therefore it can send trains in Hungary. The same success was achieved by the Cargo motion, which launched its first train on this license a few days ago. Prior to obtaining this certification, companies outsourced the service.

The RTB Cargo Hungary is based in Gyor and was founded only a few months ago. On October 26th, 2020, it obtained a security certificate of levels A and B. Before obtaining its own certification, the company used the certification of a national Austrian company. It had a license type B. Currently, the RTB Cargo has more than twenty traction rail vehicles ready for its clients, which are steady to move to Hungary. These locomotives are an ideal solution for clients who want short-term contracts in Hungary. Recently, several trains from the oil and automotive industries have been dispatched.

The Cargo Motion has had similar success. On October 8th, the company informed its supporters on social networks that it had obtained a B security certificate for Hungary. At the same time, they say they are ready to send a train under their own banner to a foreign country in a matter of days. Cargo motion will thus be able to offer its clients more comprehensive services across Europe.

The first Cargo Motion’s train in Hungary, running on its own license, was launched on November 1st 2020. The train carried calamity wood. It left Štúrovo and continued to Curtici, Romania.