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Renfe Strikes €113m Deal with Stadler Valencia for 12 Freight Locomotives

Renfe Strikes €113m Deal with Stadler Valencia for 12 Freight Locomotives
photo: RAILTARGET Archive/Renfe Strikes €113m Deal with Stadler Valencia for 12 Freight Locomotives
11 / 07 / 2023

The President of Renfe, Raül Blanco, and the President of Stadler Valencia, Íñigo Parra, have signed the contract for the purchase and integral maintenance of 12 Freight Locomotives for an amount of 112,988,234 euros, 69,540,000 euros corresponding to the supply of the locomotives with ERTMS and 43,448,234 euros corresponding to the integral maintenance of the locomotives.

This purchase is partially financed by the European Union, which has approved a grant for this project of 15 million euros for the acquisition and 1,890,000 euros for the installation of ERTMS within the framework of the Next Generation Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan.

The delivery deadline for the locomotives is December 31, 2025. On the other hand, the maintenance of the material covers 15 years.

Renfe plans to use the locomotives contracted for the Mediterranean Corridor in which the Administrator of Railway Infrastructures, ADIF, is installing the UIC Standard Gauge on the General Interest Railway Network (RFIG), which will increase the maximum length of freight trains to 750 meters.

The high-powered locomotives will provide Renfe Mercancías with new growth opportunities due to the possibility of increasing domestic and international traffic, which will have a positive impact on the company's activity.

Greater energy efficiency

This is a firm commitment by Renfe Mercancías to optimize the new infrastructures from the moment they are put into service, and, at the same time, it will mean greater efficiency of the transport plans through a more adjusted energy consumption, the use of non-polluting energy, less aggressiveness towards the track, low interior and exterior noise levels, absence of vibrations, greater load capacity and better levels of reliability.

The increase in Renfe Mercancías' activity will ultimately lead to significant cost savings due to externalities, given that, as recognized by the European Commission, rail is the mode of freight transport that generates the least polluting emissions. Renfe Mercancías saved the company 291 million euros in external costs in 2021 by avoiding the circulation of 2.4 million trucks. Renfe Mercancías has leaped in terms of emissions by increasing the use of electricity of certified renewable origin and zero carbon emission to 100% of the total electrical energy consumed.

Source: Renfe