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RAILPOOL Partners with Railnova: A Milestone in Real-Time Fleet Monitoring

RAILPOOL Partners with Railnova: A Milestone in Real-Time Fleet Monitoring
photo: RAILPOOL/RAILPOOL Partners with Railnova: A Milestone in Real-Time Fleet Monitoring
05 / 06 / 2023

RAILPOOL, one of Europe’s leading rail vehicle leasing companies for electric locomotives, and Railnova are pleased to announce their new collaboration. Earlier this year, RAILPOOL started equipping a part of its fleet with Railnova’s cutting-edge remote condition monitoring equipment. This implementation began with the installation of Railnova’s Railster on three TRAXX BR 186 locomotives operated by Lineas and BLS Cargo, joint clients of RAILPOOL and Railnova.

In total, 57 RAILPOOL locomotives will be fitted with Railnova devices under the framework agreement signed. Railnova’s patented Railster telematics equipment enables access and processing of data from any rolling stock and its sub-components in real-time. The Railster is 4G compatible, 5G ready, and can send data to any cloud for analysis. This will enable RAILPOOL to turn this data into decisions and actions that lead to a more reliable fleet. The partnership is especially timely given the 3G network sunset in some European countries, including Switzerland, where the locomotives being equipped with the Railster are operated.

RAILPOOL is one of the leading rail vehicle rental companies with genuine expertise for full service from a single source. With more than 440 electric locomotives and 148 passenger vehicles, Railpool is one of the largest providers in Europe, operating in 18 countries.

Railnova provides innovative and flexible solutions to accompany clients in digitalising fleet management, maintenance and ECM compliance. Railnova has 13 years of experience and currently serves more than 3,200 connected locomotives and passenger trains. With over 150 happy railway companies – many of whom are leaders in the Railway leasing sector or customers of leasing companies – Railnova brings extensive experience to the table.

With this partnership, both companies are staying at the forefront of tech challenges and solutions, excited to start this journey and anticipating the results.