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Rail transport on the rise. China is renewing a new silk road with Europe.

Rail transport on the rise. China is renewing a new silk road with Europe.
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21 / 04 / 2021

In ancient times, there was a Silk Road between Europe and America. Modern history connects the two continents with a railway to be an alternative to air and road transport. Germany has already joined. The Contargo container terminal from Jinan Province, China, arrived at franfurt-höchst industrial park in early April. Hungarians and Kazakh carriers also joined the project.

Due to the recent situation in the Suez Canal, where the giant container ship "The Ever Given" was stranded on the shore, which blocked the canal for several days, the price of maritime transport has increased. Containers in ports are unavailable, and companies are looking for an alternative to railway shipping.

Clogging the canal increases the pressure on shipping. Its release can be released by switching to the railway one. The route between Frankfurt and China's Jinan Province by rail takes about 18-20 days. Germany expects two to three trains a month from the Jinan region with the potential to connect other Chinese regions.

Hungarians are also added to the project to connect the two continents. They want to make a significant investment in Fényeslitke. According to The Hungarian Ambassador in Moscow Norbert Konkoly, Hungary is a gateway between the two continents.

Kazakh group EuroTransit is currently building a second railway terminal. Which can handle the current increasing rail traffic.

EuroTransit Ceo Erlan Dikhanbayev said that the Dostyk terminal is one of the most important on the Kazakh-Chinese border, which will be coordinated with Hungary's Fényeslitke.