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Rail transport for sustainability: DB Cargo Polska Board members speak out at EEC Trends 21

Rail transport for sustainability: DB Cargo Polska Board members speak out at EEC Trends 21
photo: DB Cargo Polska/Staszek, Pucek, DB Cargo Polska
19 / 02 / 2021

On February 17th and 18th, 2021 there was the 2nd edition of EEC Trends OnLine. Representatives of DB Cargo Polska were involved in the debate on the Post-pandemic economy & Europe in Reconstruction. The main idea of their speeches: Railways are the preferred mean of transport for sustainable development,

“The strategy of sustainable development of transport shows the need to build a system that would reduce the negative impact on the environment. Rail remains the preferred means of transport; nevertheless, the strategy does not propose any tools enabling the implementation of this preference,” said Marek Staszek, during the debate.

“Customers expect transports based on electricity from renewable energy sources. To meet these expectations, we signed a letter of intent expressing our willingness to cooperate in the GreenRail Programme” adds.

Marek Staszek is an economist and transport engineer by education. Among others, he is former President of the Management Board of DB Schenker Rail Polska, Management Board Member for Production of DB Cargo AG Germany. In May 2020, he was again appointed President of the Management Board of DB Cargo Polska. Currently, he is responsible for the DB Cargo group's businesses in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Pawel Pucek is a graduate of the Faculty of Rail Transport of the Silesian University of Technology. In 2007 he was established in PTK Holding S.A. as a member of the management board responsible for transport. In his career, he became Director of Product Management, Director of Transport, and Director of Sales at DB Schenker Rail Polska and DB Cargo Polska. In January 2015, he was appointed a Management Board Member for Sales.

EEC Trends continues the tradition and brand of the Forum We are changing Polish Industry - one of the most important debates on the perspectives and directions of development of the Polish economy until 2018. The content of the event is a debate on the main trends that will become the subject of discussion during the European Economic Congress on May 24th-26th 2021. EEC Trends is a substantive, programmatic and creative prologue of the Congress.