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Rail Traction Company (RTC): The first private railway company to provide a freight train service on the Brennero axis

Rail Traction Company (RTC): The first private railway company to provide a freight train service on the Brennero axis
photo: Rail Traction Company (RTC)/Rail Traction Company (RTC)
28 / 06 / 2021

Rail Traction Company (RTC) was founded in February 2000 as a private railway traction company for national and international freight.

RTC is the first private railway company to provide a freight train service on the Brennero axis, providing traction services for transport logistics operators who organize complete trains in both the intermodal and conventional sectors.

Today, RTC operates mainly in northern Italy, in national and international traffic through major crossings, serving about 12,000 trains a year, of which about 15% for the domestic services.

The weekly trains to/from Brenner are almost 100 of intermodal traffic (combined units) and 90 of conventional traffic of raw materials (iron, paper, scrap, gas,…) and cars; about 30 weekly trains to/from Tarvis and 10 of cereals from East Europe from Villa Opicina.

As a result of the cooperation with the companies DB Cargo AG and Lokomotion and the excellent organization of their joint work, RTC perfectly carries out its tasks on the railway transportation of goods between Italy and Germany.

Thanks to the well-established partner network and impressive railway fleet (about 47 electric and 4 diesel loco), the company has many years of experience in the transportation of goods between Italy and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The company's specialists are constantly trained to improve their skills and use the latest technologies in international railway logistics, in fact RTC has collected several records in the past years: for example, on 2005 RTC was the first railway company to run with interoperable locos trough the Brenner border, on 2015 was able to run the first train with 1.500 Tons Northbound on the Brenner axis, on 2016 the first 2.200 Tons train in Italy and in 2020 the first 2.500 Tons train on the Cereal sector from Villa Opicina.

RTC has strong experience in the transport of cereals coming to Italy from Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, and Ukraine.

Over the years RTC has been able to establish itself as a reference partner for reliability and flexibility in a particularly complex market thanks to the know-how acquired over time.

RTC is now able to serve all the main mills in Northern Italy, all trains have the standard of 2.200 Tons and the 2.500 Tons trains are rapidly growing.

Today RTC has a staff of 268 employees, including 200 drivers and wagon checkers and several instructors; in fact, the company manage internally the training of new drivers and focuses its maximum commitment on the construction of training courses to maintain high standards, even organizing continuous training for personnel in possession of railway qualifications.