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Rail clinic offers a new mobile service for Eastern Hungary and Slovakia

Rail clinic offers a new mobile service for Eastern Hungary and Slovakia
photo: Rail clinic/Rail clinic offers a new mobile service for Eastern Hungary and Slovakia
20 / 01 / 2022

Rail clinic, Eastern Europe's largest mobile service for freight wagons, quietly opened a Hungarian-Slovakian base in Čierna nad Tisou last autumn. Debrecen, Miskolc, Košice, this is the operational framework of Rail Clinic's mobile service team in Čierna nad Tisou and Hungarian Záhony.

Massive investments in intermodal transshipment facilities in Hungarian Záhony (we wrote here)  and the development of transshipment facilities in Slovak Čierna nad Tisou (we wrote here) also attract service companies. The eastern region of Hungary and Slovakia is now competing for the growing Silk Road.

The mixed Hungarian-Slovak team in Čierna nad Tisou works according to national regulations and VPI. It is thus the only such mobile service company in the dynamically developing region in eastern Hungary and Slovakia.

The mobile service of freight wagons is clearly a service that has experienced a conjuncture in recent years. However, the limit of this service is the cost of transporting teams from the service bases and the speed of interventions. „Rail clinic's new base in Čierna nad Tisou thus significantly reduces the cost of mobile railcar repair in this region," said Rail clinic's manager for Hungary, Zsolt Szelecky, for RAILTARGET.

Rail clinic's nearest mobile repair base in Hungary was in Törökszentmiklós. However, Rail clinic's most extensive mobile service base is directly in Budapest, where Rail clinic also operates a mini-workshop in Törökbálint.

So far, the only base in Slovakia was the Rail clinic mini-workshop in Štúrovo. „In the short time we have been in Čierna nad Tisou, we have been providing our services to customers of NH trans, VTG, Retrack, as well as ZSSK Cargo," Peter Beliančín, Rail Clinic's manager for Slovakia, told RAILTARGET, adding „We can offer a comprehensive service for our customers in this region, from routine repairs to wheelset replacements."

Rail clinic also operates in Hungary at the border with Romania at Curtici and the border with Croatia. Rail clinic also has a base directly in Zagreb, Croatia. Rail clinic's manager for Hungary, Zsolt Szelecky, said that Budamar, Millet, and VTG are the most important clients of the company.