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Rail Cargo Hungaria acquired locomotives from CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC

Rail Cargo Hungaria acquired locomotives from CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC
photo: Cargo Hungaria
12 / 02 / 2021

Rail Cargo Hungaria has entered a specification to produce a prototype series of last mile locomotives manufactured by CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC.

In September 2019, Rail Cargo Hungaria started a tender for the supply of locomotives. Specifically, the aim of the tender was to find a supplier that will deliver two main line electric and two shunting electric battery locomotives. These locomotives are to be designed for Hungarian railways and for operation abroad. They are to be certified for Hungary and other countries at the manufacturer's expense.

Rail Cargo Hungaria plans to firstly lease the locomotives for 4 years with a complete maintenance service. Subsequently, it will be possible to either choose the option of buying locomotives or extending their leasing. If Rail Cargo Hungaria is satisfied with the delivery of the locomotives, it would order 20 more pieces from each of the two types mentioned above.

The main line electric locomotive has four axles. It can range on infrastructure from 15 kV 16.7 Hz and 25 kV 50 Hz. The maximum speed that the locomotive can reach is 140 km / hour. The locomotive has an output of 350 kW. The locomotives are supposed to move through Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, and Greece.

Testing of the locomotive prototype will take about 1,750 operating hours. During dynamic testing, the locomotive must haul the train for at least 500 km. This is followed by endurance tests, in which the locomotive travels 1750 km.

According to Rail Cargo Hungaria, the approval process for these locomotives was even more complicated because the fourth railway package was not yet in force, which greatly simplified the whole procedure.