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PKP Cargo International Enhances Fleet with Dragon 2 Locomotive

PKP Cargo International Enhances Fleet with Dragon 2 Locomotive
photo: Roman Jaroš / PKP Cargo International / Public domain/PKP Cargo
04 / 03 / 2024

Europe's leading logistics operator, PKP Cargo International, has expanded its fleet with the addition of an electric locomotive, Dragon 2, leased from its parent company, PKP Cargo S.A.

The ET43 multi-system locomotive, type E6MST Dragon 2, class 260, manufactured by the Polish company Newag S.A., joins the 24 locomotives already operated by PKP CARGO S.A. All are equipped for operation under the ETCS system in the Czech Republic. This locomotive will primarily serve the Čadca - Ostrava - Kúty line or main lines within the Czech Republic as needed.

The ET43 series locomotive is an electric multi-system model designed for freight transport on 1435 mm gauge lines. It has a maximum speed of 120 km/h, a power output of 5 MW, and a maximum pulling force of 420kN. Each of the six axles is powered by an 842 kW asynchronous motor, enabling it to haul freight trains up to a maximum permissible weight of 4000 tonnes. It is operable in both DC 3kV and AC 25kV supply systems across Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, including at border stations in other countries. Its equipment also features the mobile part of the European Train Control System (ETCS) (BL3) from Siemens, available in the Czech Republic.

"We very much appreciate the opportunity to lease this locomotive, which will in a way rejuvenate our locomotive fleet and enhance our competitiveness in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It will also be utilized for further training of our employees, especially the drivers, who have been gradually training on this type since last year," says Michal Kubíček, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL.


Source: PKP Cargo International Press Releases