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PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL: A new regular intermodal line between Halkali, Turkey, and Kolín, Czech Republic

PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL:  A new regular intermodal line between Halkali, Turkey, and Kolín, Czech Republic
photo: PKP Cargo/PKP Cargo
06 / 07 / 2021

PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL, an international rail and intermodal carrier from PKP CARGO Group, Europe’s leading logistics operator, is using a new direct railway line connecting the Turkish port of Halkali on the European side of Istanbul and the recently opened terminal in Kolín. The companies of the PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL Group are providing transport for the Turkish intermodal based solution logistics service provider MARS Logistics on the Hungarian, Slovak and Czech sections. Trains will mainly transport parts for the automotive industry.

The first train left Halkali on 20 June and arrived in Kolín on Thursday, 24 June, and the train departed on the return route on Saturday, 26 June, arriving in Halkali on Thursday, 1 July. The frequency of transport is now once a week, but by the end of August it will be increased to three trains per week as it is planned by MARS Logistics.

The cargo consists mainly of Turkish goods from the automotive segment, but chemical or textile industry products will also be transported in 45-foot containers and exchangeable superstructures. Czech Kolín was chosen because it has a large number of customers in the automotive industry.

“This is another example of our growing North-South corridor, which figures greatly in our future strategy. Together with our logistics and shipping partners, we are supporting intermodal transport across Europe, which is greener than road transport, it produces less greenhouse gas emissions, and it relieves our already congested European roads and motorways. Our combined forces are helping the European Union’s long-term efforts to shift freight transport from road to rail. In addition, intermodal transport is faster and safer,” says Maciej Walczyk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL.


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