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PKP CARGO Enhances Intermodal Transport with EU-Funded Locomotives and Wagons

PKP CARGO Enhances Intermodal Transport with EU-Funded Locomotives and Wagons
photo: PKP CARGO, RAILTARGET Archive/PKP CARGO Enhances Intermodal Transport with EU-Funded Locomotives and Wagons
19 / 06 / 2023

PKP CARGO S.A. has completed the programme for the purchase of multi-system locomotives and wagons for intermodal transport. The company received the European Union funding for this purpose.

The company has enriched its rolling stock with five electric multi-system locomotives and 220 wagons. The container transport platforms were supplied by a consortium of Greenbrier Group companies, Wagony Świdnica and ASTRA RAIL Industries. These are Sggrss series wagons with a load length of 80 feet. The five locomotives, on the other hand, were manufactured and supplied by Siemens. This rolling stock is dedicated to running intermodal transport in international traffic.

"The locomotives and wagons will enable us to send intermodal trains from Poland to Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, or towards Slovakia or Hungary. In Poland, the majority of intermodal transports are transit transports and, therefore, this investment has significantly improved our company's operational capabilities," emphasises Marek Olkiewicz, PKP CARGO S.A. Board Member for Operations. "Thus, the competitiveness of our company in the international rail transport market has increased, which is of great importance in the context of developing transport in the Tri-City area. This direction is one of the pillars of PKP CARGO's development strategy," adds Marek Olkiewicz. And he points out that investing in intermodal rolling stock improves the competitiveness of rail against road transport.

The value of the purchase and wagons amounted to a total of around PLN 243.5 million, including the European Union funding, based on an agreement concluded in 2018 with the Centre for the EU Transport Projects exceeding PLN 92 million. PKP CARGO benefited from the grant under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020 (axis 'Development of maritime transport, inland waterways and multimodal connections').

Marek Olkiewicz recalls that in 2022 the company completed another intermodal project, the purchase of 936 platforms manufactured by Tatravagonka. "Container transport is the most developing and promising branch of rail transport. The war in Ukraine indeed caused a decline in this segment in rail traffic in 2022, but in the long term, container transports will occupy an increasing share of the Polish workload at the expense of bulk cargo railways, mainly coal, whose transports will decrease due to the decarbonisation process of the Polish and EU economy."