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PKP Cargo Connect offers more logistical connectivity to Turkey and the UK

PKP Cargo Connect offers more logistical connectivity to Turkey and the UK
photo: PKP Cargo International/Rail Forwarding
28 / 04 / 2021

This month, Polish logistics operator PKP Cargo Connect announced a launch of two new connections - to Turkey and the UK. Both connections will start from the terminal in Gliwice, one of the most important objects of this type belonging to the PKP Cargo group.

The company management announced, that in the case of Turkey, the first intermodal train on the Gliwice-Izmit-Gliwice route will start at the beginning of May.

The option ended with choosing Izmit because it is one of the most important cities on the economic map of Turkey, a large port about 100 km from Istanbul, on the east coast of the Marmara Sea.

Regular connections on this route will be made once a week in both directions. A cooperation between PKP PKP Cargo Connect and logistics company Logitrans, which is a leading logistics brand in this area, especially in Asia, including Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, baltic states and Central Europe will make connections feasible.

''It's a significant commercial success and we hope for business success as well'' - comments Ivan Ružbacký - CEO of PKP Cargo Connect.

The PKP CARGO Group strengthens its presence not only on the North-South transport corridor. At the same time, the company is also starting to offer its services to the west - to the UK.

In cooperation with Duisport Agency and Samski, regular intermodal connections will be realised in the near future on the Gliwice - Duisburg (Germany) to United Kingdom route.

Initially, two trains a week are scheduled, and in the coming months it is planned to increase the frequency to three or more trains per week. Each train carries 40 containers.

Czesław Warsewicz, CEO of PKP CARGO S.A., ephasizes that the new services offered by PKP CARGO CONNECT are highly expected on the market. ''Brexit has caused some disruption to the flow of goods to the UK as well as from the UK. The coronavirus epidemic also creates additional problems, but customers expect shipping companies to ensure delivery of goods on time. The PKP CARGO Group meets these expectations by submitting a competitive offer in the field of road transport. The railway has competitive advantages that it is trying to take advantage of'' - explains Czesław Warsewicz in a PKP Cargo statement.

PKP CARGO CONNECT is an international logistics operator providing comprehensive services in the field of transport, transhipment, storage and customs services. The company is part of the PKP CARGO group.