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PKP CARGO CONNECT launches permanent intermodal connection from Poland to Duisburg

PKP CARGO CONNECT launches permanent intermodal connection from Poland to Duisburg
photo: PKP CARGO CONNECT/PKP CARGO CONNECT launches permanent intermodal connection from Poland to Duisburg
22 / 07 / 2021

Thanks to the permanent cooperation between PKP CARGO CONNECT (from the PKP CARGO group) and Duisport (a company belonging to the DUISBURGER HAFEN AG group), another permanent intermodal connection was established on the Poznań - Duisburg route. For years, Duisport Agency Polska has been continuously developing its network of intermodal connections intended for the transport of semi-trailers and containers between the largest inland port in the world in Duisburg and terminals in Poland. Duisburg provides more than 100 intermodal connections in Europe, which enables the transport of goods to other parts of Europe and this port. One of them is the United Kingdom, which is a destination area for many PKP CARGO CONNECT clients.

Permanent intermodal connections on the route Poznan - Duisburg are currently implemented 4 times a week from the PKP CARGO CONNECT terminal in Poznan-Franowo with the possibility of increasing the frequency to 6 pairs of trains per week in the next 3 months.  The train on this route is assembled with container platforms, pocket wagons for the transport of intermodal trailers and also the Cargo Beamer system is used for the transport of standard semi-trailers that were not originally adapted for rail transport.

"We are pleased to develop various forms of multimodal transport at PKP CARGO CONNECT," says Przemysław Hoehne, Deputy Director of Multimodal Transport at PKP CARGO CONNECT.  "We are introducing modern solutions whose popularity will increase from year to year, as is the case in Western Europe.  The transport of semi-trailers is a practical implementation of the slogan "Trucks on rails" and, as part of the PKP CARGO group, is committed to implementing innovative solutions.  Rail transport is a solution to the problem of driver availability and reduces the level of CO2 emissions into the air” - adds Przemysław Hoehne.

The PKP CARGO Group is flexible to customer needs, which is why we strive to expand the range of our activities.  The best example is the latest PKP CARGO CONNECT design.  Railways have certain competitive advantages over other modes of transport, and we try to make the best use of our advantages to transport as many trains as possible in the logistics chain, says Czesław Warsewicz, CEO of PKP CARGO S.A.

The PKP CARGO CONNECT Poznań-Franowo terminal is the most modern and one of the largest terminals of the PKP CARGO group.  It is located on the east-west communication route in the TEN-T transport corridor between the North and Baltic Seas, very close to the A2 motorway and close to the logistics centers in this region.