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PKP CARGO Boosts Fleet with Cutting-Edge Dragon 2 Locomotives

PKP CARGO Boosts Fleet with Cutting-Edge Dragon 2 Locomotives
photo: PKP CARGO/PKP CARGO Boosts Fleet with Cutting-Edge Dragon 2 Locomotives
27 / 03 / 2023

PKP CARGO has taken delivery of the first batch of twelve Dragon 2 double-system electric locomotives manufactured by New Sącz-based Newag.

The purchase of the new locomotives is an essential part of raising operational efficiency, which is one of PKP CARGO Group's most important strategic objectives.

The new Dragons 2, equipped with two power systems: 3kV for direct current and 25kV for alternating current, will run for PKP CARGO, not only on Polish tracks. With approval for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the purchased vehicles will allow PKP CARGO to increase its operational capabilities in foreign markets, especially the Czech Republic, which, after Poland, is the largest market for the company.

"The purchase of Dragon 2 locomotives and the planned launch of a transhipment terminal in Zduńska Wola Karsznice are key elements of PKP CARGO's development strategy. The new rolling stock opens up additional opportunities for us to compete effectively in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and is a chance to expand in the countries of the Tri-Cities region," says Dariusz Seliga, president of PKP Cargo.

Deliveries of Dragons 2 also include the software and licenses necessary to operate the locomotives. In addition, PKP Cargo will receive a set of brand-new spare parts and components included in the so-called anti-failure kit. The carrier's personnel will also receive training and authorization in the maintenance and operation of the locomotives.

The new locomotives will run in the colours of PKP CARGO, and one of the twelve has been occasionally branded with the Solidarity sign and the timeless message of John Paul II - "Solidarity is one and the other (...) So never one against the other."

"The Solidarity sign is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. It represents one of the greatest pages in our history, it is a sign of Polish freedom and independence. For PKP CARGO - the national rail carrier - the values associated with the idea of Solidarity are extremely close to our hearts, which is why we decided to make one of our locomotives its carrier," explains Dariusz Seliga.

Ultimately, the fleet of Dragons 2 running under the PKP CARGO banner will increase to 34 machines. The first three were purchased and received in 2018. A year later, the company signed a contract with Newag for deliveries covering another 31 locomotives. The first seven are versions of Dragons with a diesel commuter module, which are already in use by the carrier. The second phase of purchases is currently underway. It will include nine more Dragons 2 in 2023, and the last three vehicles will be delivered by Newag in 2024.

Dragoons 2, with a commuter module, allow trains to pass through non-electrified sections of glue routes without replacing the locomotive or for the vehicle to operate on sidings. The modules thus guarantee an increase in the operational capacity of electric locomotives. The Dragon 2s are used to the greatest extent to run heavy depots (with a gross weight of even more than 3,000 tons) with such cargoes as coal, ores or aggregates.

Newagu's Dragon 2 is a fully Polish design, and is also the first six-axle electric locomotive in Europe to be fully compliant with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI 2014) and equipped with ETCS Level 2 (European Train Control System), providing cab signalling and driver control with increased safety.