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Pimk Rail: The biggest Bulgarian company for international cargo transport

Pimk Rail: The biggest Bulgarian company for international cargo transport
photo: Pimk Rail´s press materials/Pimk Rail
24 / 05 / 2021

PIMK Rail was founded in 2015 as a part of the biggest Bulgarian company for international cargo transport - PIMK Ltd. The integration between the different types of transport is the right, progressive solution and the company instantly became one of the largest Bulgarian railway freight carriers.

Together with the perfectly organized partners network from Europe and Turkey, highly educated and experienced specialists build a quality, reliable and efficient connection for international rail freight transport on the Europe-Asia axis. This is also supported by the flexible operation through its own and partner Intermodal terminals.

Last but not least, the main priority for PIMK Rail is to take care of the environment. The company strives and successfully uses the most modern vehicles, which undoubtedly reduce the level of harmful gases in the atmosphere, as well as noise.

Ms. Kalina Kiskinova CEO of PIMK Rail and Business lady with an extremely busy schedule was so kind to find a time to reply to our few e-mail questions about the company:

How many railway trains (eg freight trains) operate in domestic and international directions?

We currently have 14 operating railway trains - 10 in domestic destinations and 4 in international destinations - intermodal.

What is the number of your freight wagon`s fleet? 

Own freight wagon`s fleet is 379.

Are you planning to increase or modernize the locomotive and wagon`s fleet in the near future? And your company plans in general?

So, In November 2021, the company will receive another two new locos Smartron from Siemens. We have huge plans. It`s difficult to explain at once. I hope that the time will tell and reveal our work results.