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PHOTO REPORT: How Do Locomotives with ETCS Look Like?

PHOTO REPORT: How Do Locomotives with ETCS Look Like?
photo: RAILTARGET/Locomotive 363
03 / 06 / 2024

The RAILTARGET editorial team attended a press conference by ČD Cargo in Prague-Libeň, where the modernization of 128 locomotives with the new ETCS safety system was presented. This project aims to enhance railway safety. We bring you an exclusive photo report.

On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, our editorial team attended the ČD Cargo press conference in Prague-Libeň, where the completion of the project to equip 128 ČD Cargo locomotives of series 163, 363, and 742.71 with the European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2, Baseline 3 was presented. This project was supported by the CEF Transport Cohesion Call grant announced in 2015, as specified on the ČD Cargo website.

According to ČD Cargo, the implementation of the ETCS train control system is primarily seen as a significant enhancement to the already very safe mode of transportation, approached with the highest degree of social responsibility.

"The total maximum CEF contribution for equipping 128 locomotives with the mobile part of the ETCS system amounts to €27.3 million, which corresponds to more than 60% of the total investment costs of the project," said Tomáš Tóth, Chairman of the Board of ČD Cargo, at the press conference. He added:

"Currently, the training of ČD Cargo drivers for operating trains under ETCS supervision is intensively ongoing. We are participating in stress tests under ETCS supervision and setting up processes necessary for the smooth and reliable operation of these locomotives. I want to assure our customers that we will be ready for the exclusive operation of trains under ETCS supervision starting January 2025."