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Pesa and Newag: New consortium for the suppliance of double-decker trains and locomotives

Pesa and Newag: New consortium for the suppliance of double-decker trains and locomotives
photo: Newag/Newag
05 / 11 / 2021

Rolling stock tenders allow participation of a recently established Polish consortium by Pesa and Newag.Pesa and Newag submitted a declaration to jointly partake in public acquisition procedures for the suppliance of double-decker trains and locomotives.

The two Polish manufacturers will participate in tenders that include the stock of 38 seven-car push-pull double-decker trains 45 multi-system locomotives like the provision of maintenance assistance for multi-system locomotives for PKP Intercity.

Both companies are very proud of their design teams that draw inspiration from their previous projects and are moving their projects towards modernization. 

Newag is the leader of the locomotive market in Poland, and its Griffin and Dragon locomotives achieve very high-reliability rates and are recognized by the rail carriers. Griffin is the first Polish multi-system locomotive adapted for both the domestic 3kV DC power supply system and the 15kV or 25kV AC power supply systems in force in European countries. The 6-axle Dragon locomotive, designed for heavy freight trains, and is also adjusted for operation on European markets. The company has so far delivered over 80 electric locomotives and over 200 passenger multiple units. Recently, Newag and PKP Intercity agreed on a new contract for the supply of additional locomotives.

“We are convinced that thanks to the experience gathered so far by our teams, we can jointly offer PKP IC modern double-decker trains that can be competitive not only in Poland but also on European markets,” Krzysztof Zdziarski, the President of the Management Board of Pesa said.

“The decision to establish a consortium results from the fact that submitting individual bids would entail a significant risk of failure to perform the contract due to the complexity of the subject of the contract, production capabilities in the context of its completion date, and other contractual obligations. We believe that the concluded consortium will have a positive impact on the further dynamic development of railways in Poland,” Zbigniew Konieczek, the President of the Management Board of Newag stated.


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