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MMV Rail Romania’s 5-year experience within the Romanian rail freight industry

MMV Rail Romania’s 5-year experience within the Romanian rail freight industry
photo: MMV Rail Romania’s press materials/MMV Rail Romania
20 / 05 / 2021

MMV Rail Romania was established in 2015 in Cluj-Napoca as a subsidiary of Petrolsped Kft. and provides a wide range of logistics services throughout Romania and Europe. The organization continuously challenges and develops practices in integrated rail services and freight transport.

A highly professional team of specialists monitors the quality, efficiency, and safety of freight transport services around the clock. The company continuously emphasizes the importance of training and development programs for their staff in order to improve their skill sets on a regular basis. Middle management and system operators routinely participate in specialized courses to become proficient in their fields of activity, whilst rail engineers and conductors are trained to learn to drive as many types of locomotives on as many routes as possible.

The company also invests a lot of its resources into its active fleet. MMV Rail Romania currently operates with 4 modern, electric LE 5100 hp Softronic locomotives and 3 electric Siemens-Vectron locomotives (which are interoperable in Romania, Hungary, Austria, and Germany). They also have 5 classic electric LE 5100 hp Electroputere Craiova locomotives and 10 modernized diesel-electric engines LDE 2100 hp in their fleet.

The Siemens Smartron electric engine, considered to be the most modern and most reliable locomotive for efficient freight transport services, was a welcoming addition to the MMV Rail Romania family that has been operating since September of 2020. A new LEMA 6100 KW from Softronic Craiova is also part of the company’s rolling stock, and is set to be joined by a second loco of this kind, which is planned to start its journey in July. MMV Rail Romania’s mission is to continuously expand and innovate its rail freight logistics services, so further developments with regards to the company’s active fleet are to be expected in the near future.

Another clever way through which the organization manages to ensure continuous growth is by implementing useful technological solutions which guarantee transparency and better overall performance. MMV Rail Romania offers their clients access to a functional, password-protected platform where they can track the entire journey of their transported cargo in real time. The team is currently working on ensuring digitalized versions of required documentation for all transports, a feature that will drastically simplify the entire shipping process.

One of the absolute strengths of MMV Rail Romania is its capacity of taking on complex, multilayered projects. This is due not only to the well-trained staff but also the years of accumulated experience within the field of rail freight forwarding in Romania. The organization’s flexible policy gives room for extraordinary requirements, which the team manages to complete in a timely and proficient manner. The fact that the company can arrange shipments that travel through multiple countries is open to transport all types of cargo, and specializes in shipping hazardous goods are other advantages that help them stand out.

MMV Rail Romania has also expressed an openness to improve their shipping efficiency by combining their rail freight services with road transport, in order to offer door-to-door freight forwarding through road-rail intermodal transport. The details of this project are still under works, but the company is optimistic about the doors this opportunity will open for their partnerships and their clients.

The organization’s efforts don’t go unnoticed. Numerous clients have expressed their satisfaction with MMV Rail Romania’s services, noting that it is quite a pleasure to work with one of the most promising and modern logistics companies in the Central- and Southeastern European market.