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Metrans update summary: What limits are in transportation?

Metrans update summary: What limits are in transportation?
photo: Metrans presss materials/Metrans
14 / 03 / 2022

The planned closure of the railway line between Békéscsaba and Lőkösháza, Małaszewicze and transportation from and to Russia and Belarus. Easter railway track closure in Hamburg, road closures in Slovakia, or increasing costs of transportation. Those are all information Metrans recently released. We are bringing you a short summary of them all.

Békéscsaba and Lőkösháza

Closure of the railway line between Békéscsaba and Lőkösháza is planned for as such:

from 19 March 2022 to 28 March 2022
and from 20 April 2022 to 29 April 2022 continuously.

This means that Metrans and their railway service between Budapest Csepel Hub Terminal and Affluent Arad South Terminal will suffer a short-term interruption. Alternative transportation is possible. The train service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Terminal CL EUROPORT in Malaszewicze:

Metrans terminal in cooperation with the customs authorities is checking all cargo that is reloaded at the terminal and comes from or is headed through Belarus. Metrans intends to continue reloading transit goods at the terminal even those transported through Belarus and Russia, if not subject to sanctions.

Metrans will not accept orders for transport to and from Belarus and Russia.

Eastern railway

The railway closure from April 15th to 18th during Easters between stations Hausbruch Mitte and Alte Süderelbe will stop all trains between Hamburg and the Port of Hamburg. Metrans reports this may have an impact on transit times between Port of Hamburg and Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany, and vice versa.

Transportation costs:

Due to increasing fuel prices, Metrans is getting alerts about the increase in prices for first/last mile road delivery. Further information on freight costs is coming.

Slovakia and road closures:

Metrans informs that road transport surcharges for destinations affected by these detours remain as follows:

- Dunajská Streda – Hlohovec – Dunajská Streda: no multistop – no additional costs
- Dunajská Streda – customs Bratislava – Hlohovec – Dunajská Streda: + 30 km / + €30
- Dunajská Streda – customs Trnava – Hlohovec – Dunajská Streda: + 30 km / + €30.

Following surcharges will be in effect from April 1st due to the planned closure of the Kalná nad Hronom bridge:

• Dunajská Streda – Levice – Dunajská Streda: + 60 km / + €60.