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METRANS expands eastwards and strengthens its position on the Silk Road

METRANS expands eastwards and strengthens its position on the Silk Road
photo: Metrans presss materials/METRANS expands eastwards and strengthens its position on the Silk Road
17 / 03 / 2022

METRANS announced the purchase of the CL EUROPORT crossing in January. The terminal located on the Polish-Belarusian border in Malaszewicze is a salient point of the so-called Silk Road due to its location for the transshipment of containers from the broad gauge line to the European standard.

METRANS has been operating on the Silk Road for several years and, with the purchase of the terminal has significantly improved its position in the transportation between Europe and China. "The new Terminal 19 will bring to the METRANS network, in addition to the already existing TE Bahnoperator connection, additional regular routes to and from China, as well as other countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, and will thus become an important point for the further development of the METRANS network,"  said Martin Koubek, Director of CIS and Silk Road Transport, adding that the company plans further investments in the development of the terminal so that it can fully serve customers during the peak season.

As part of the Belt and Road initiative, an increase in volumes is planned and METRANS is therefore focusing its preparations not only on the Polish market but on the whole of Europe, trying to motivate clients with the benefits of environmentally friendly transport.

Existing staff will be trained for maximum productivity and efficiency. To train METRANS Group employees was created the METRANS Academy. It seeks to upskill new colleagues in the field of direct customer service, to deepen the knowledge of a wide range of employees through long-term language training or one-time seminars, especially in the area of logistics. The Academy also offers partnership cooperation to schools in the form of assistance in teaching, providing opportunities for school internships subsequent job cooperation for graduates.

However, terminals alone are not enough to meet the needs of customers. It is necessary to connect to a quality rail network. METRANS Group, therefore, also has its railway carriers. In the Czech Republic, it is METRANS Rail, s. r. o., which currently ranks second after ČD Cargo as to freight volume. "Our trains mainly use the main corridor lines, and their capacity today is at the limit of their capabilities. We see this both when ordering our trains into the regular annual schedule and especially when restrictions are in effect on the main lines during closures and emergency measures on the railroad," said Martin Hořínek, managing director of METRANS Rail.

METRANS Rail actively participates in the operation of the association of railway freight carriers ŽESNAD.CZ and defends the interests of railway freight transport.