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MBOX terminal: One of the most complete freight and transport centers in Serbia

MBOX terminal: One of the most complete freight and transport centers in Serbia
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05 / 10 / 2021

The construction of the intermodal container terminal in Popovac near Niš is nearing completion. As of September 15, the MBOX Terminal in the new industrial zone has started operating as a container depot, while the first trains are expected to be accepted as early as November. Over the next two years, the complex in Popovac will face major development plans and new investments, and MBOX Terminal is expected to become one of the most complete freight and transport centers in all of Serbia.

The railway-road hub will be managed by MBOX terminal d.o.o., a company established intending to sell and develop the business of the currently only terminal of its kind in the southern part of Serbia, which has an office in Belgrade in addition to Niš. By combining various modes of transport that can be organized at the intermodal terminal, it contributes to efficient, economical, and environmentally sustainable solutions for the transport of goods. The location of the terminal was chosen by the market and logistical needs of this region. Given the presence of large production plants in Nis and its region, as well as the future development potential, it was decided that the new terminal will be in Popovac

In addition to the entire central and southern Serbia, whose goods flows mostly gravitate to the terminal, MBOX can also cover the regions of Kosovo, western Bulgaria, as well as the northern part of northern Macedonia, the company said. The location in Niš is its biggest advantage because it is located on the route of Corridor 10, at a point that is the hub of the road to the east and south, and which also provides the possibility of connecting with other intermodal terminals and ports in the region. The plan is for this terminal to become a new hub for intermodal and container transport in the Balkans.

The MBOX terminal covers an area of ​​4 hectares, on which more than 2,200 containers can be stored at one time, or up to 50,000 TEU per year.

It has a total of four industrial tracks with a total length of over 1,200 meters and an independent road-railway vehicle for manipulating wagons and railway compositions. It is located next to the railway marshaling yard Niš, so that the access of freight trains is easy and fast. The proximity of the main marshaling yard enables the acceptance of a large number of trains without blocking the public railway tracks.