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Maintenance contract from VTG obtained by Yellow Rail

Maintenance contract from VTG obtained by Yellow Rail
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11 / 11 / 2021

VTG Rail has bestowed a new long-term agreement to Yellow Rail to administer wagon maintenance co-operations at one of the greatest rail freight projects in the UK. Yellow Rail is the service division of the Yellow Group of companies, delivering safety-critical services to commuter and freight sectors in the UK, from the Derby service center site or remotely.

The firm will continue maintenance of VTG’s 620-wagon, hopper, and box wagon fleets from the Merehead (Torr Quarry) and Whatley maintenance facilities for VTG’s client Mendip Rail (MRL).
The terms of wagon maintenance services involve freight support, wagon repair, fleet planning, supply chain and materials control, 24-hour mainline call out, planning, and logistics.

A capacity of more than 9 million tons of aggregate is moved each year from the mines in the Mendips in North Somerset to terminals in London and the Southeast, for use in various building projects including HS2, housing, and road enhancements.

“As the UK’s largest lessor of rail freight wagons, VTG recognizes the key role it plays in enabling its customers to move large quantities of product by rail rather than road, supporting the drive towards long-term sustainability. Our relationship with Mendip Rail goes back a very long way, and providing them with the best possible service, thereby enabling their business to operate to its maximum capabilities, is absolutely crucial,” Colin Denman, Managing Director of VTG Rail UK said.

“Our company vision is to increase our capability in order to become more important to our customers. The extension of our freight service portfolio to include freight maintenance is a demonstration that we are progressing in our ambition. We are delighted and grateful that VTG Rail and MRL have given the company this exciting opportunity. In return we will deliver the improved services required,” Andy Kevins, Managing Director of Yellow Rail, stated.