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Lucrative locomotive contract established by the STM

Lucrative locomotive contract established by the STM
photo: Sinara-Transport Machines press materials/Lucrative locomotive contract established by the STM
22 / 10 / 2021

Sinara-Transport Machines a Silkway Transit just arranged a supply of 22 two-section electric locomotives starting by the end of 2021.

These 22 2ES7 Black Granite locomotives, which are being manufactured by Ural Locomotives plant are considered as the largest contract abroad to this day. There are 3 000 linear kilometers that are prepared for the test runs.  If successful, the locomotives will enter the commercial services in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main feature of these locomotives is that they are designed for heavy traffic on railway lines of alternating current of the CIS countries and they also feature asynchronous traction drive that provides a high traction power to haul increased-length extra heavy trains. Also, these locomotives are designed to run at a maximum speed of 120km/h and thanks to the modular arrangement of equipment, the vehicles are providing high maintainability and the time between repairs is increased by 5 times. An energy-saving traction motor control mode is also featured. A two-section AC freight electric locomotive can drive a train weighing 9,000 tons in sections with a flat track profile (up to 6‰) and a train weighing 6,300 tons in sections with a mountain profile (up to 10‰). It is possible to operate an electric locomotive in a system of many units, and autonomous operation of one section of an electric locomotive is also possible.