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LTG cargo Ukraine now offers forwarding services in Ukraine

LTG cargo Ukraine now offers forwarding services in Ukraine
photo: LTG Cargo´s press materials/LTG cargo Ukraine now offers forwarding services in Ukraine
08 / 02 / 2022

LTG Cargo Ukraine, a subsidiary of the freight forwarding company LTG Cargo, now provides freight forwarding services in Ukraine. Ukrainian customers will be able to use new routes to Lithuania or by Klaipeda Seaport to other markets. Operating in Ukraine since 2021, LTG Cargo Ukraine provides locomotive rental, shunting services, and wagon rental services.

“There are many fleet operators and other transport companies operating in the Ukrainian market, therefore all conditions are provided for the provision of forwarding services. Already when establishing the company in Ukraine, the provision of these services was one of our first goals, allowing us to start actively participating in the Ukrainian freight market. Although competition in the sector is extremely high, we see that the demand for quality and reliable services exceeds the supply. Even before the start of this activity, the company received inquiries about the possibilities of international freight forwarding,” says Eglė Šimė, the head of LTG Cargo

The welcome change for all customers will be forwarding process through a single company and thus save on time and resources and in addition easier communication.

“Our main advantage is the ability to cover a wide area of cargo transportation. For customers who transport cargo between Lithuania and Ukraine, we can offer the entire route both in Ukraine and Lithuania. If there is a need for customers in Ukraine, we will be able to service the transit of customers' cargo through Belarus, and if necessary, we will seek to ensure transit opportunities through Poland. This means that for customers who want to transport cargo, it will be enough to have one forwarding partner instead of three in each of the countries,” says the head of LTG Cargo, Eglė Šimė.

LTG Cargo Ukraine doesn’t want to end here. It plans to offer more sustainable freight transportation options on the local market and electric traction projects in the long run. They believe its importance will grow in time in the region.