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LTG Cargo Ukraine focuses on ambitious and busy customers

LTG Cargo Ukraine focuses on ambitious and busy customers
photo: LTG Cargo´s press materials/LTG Cargo
06 / 11 / 2021

LTG Cargo Ukraine, owned by the Lithuanian rail freight company AB LTG Cargo, which is a part of the largest group of railway companies in the Baltic States, AB Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (LTG), and its ranking as 10th position in terms of cargo transport within the European Union (EU).

The company started its operations in Ukraine in 2020, joining the market with the ambitious goal of changing inactive freight transportation practices and creating new ones by the synergy of different forms of transport, technical growth, and data technology.

LTG Cargo Ukraine focuses on ambitious and busy customers. The principal task of the company is to help its customers to find the best freight transportation solutions, thus saving our clients their precious time.

Constant development and search for new ways to improve the freight transportation process point to the company's uniqueness, creating ideal solutions offered by LTG Cargo Ukraine even more outstanding.

LTG Cargo Ukraine has been recently strengthening its presence thanks to its cooperation with Nikolaev Locomotive Repair Plant.

Among other things, the company is offering freight transportation, geographical consultations, freight forwarding, container transportation, semi-trailer transportation as well as a wagon and locomotive rentals.