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LTG Cargo partners with Ab Ovo to digitize freight planning system

LTG Cargo partners with Ab Ovo to digitize freight planning system
photo: LTG Cargo /LTG Cargo
14 / 06 / 2021

International freight transportation company LTG Cargo continues to digitize its activities. LTG Cargo signed an agreement with digital solutions company Ab Ovo, which will implement an integrated resource and freight carriage planning system.

The new system will improve the efficiency of LTG Cargo rolling stock, quality, and accuracy of freight carriage planning will ensure control of freight carriage activities, quicker response to changes in activities, and notification of company’s employees and customers.

“Activities of a freight carrier are especially dynamic, so the companies, which are able to quickly respond to changing situations and may offer the best freight carriage solutions to customers, mostly win the competitive struggle. Thus, we continuously digitize our operational processes and seek to use modern working tools in daily activities, which improve the efficiency of our activities, while implemented transformation creates more value both for our employees and customers,” Egidijus Lazauskas, CEO of LTG Cargo, said.

 “We are particularly proud of this partnership with LTG Cargo being a major player in its region. We are impressed by the way LTG Cargo executes with precision on its data-driven strategy and we are honored to have been selected to contribute to their transformation journey as an esteemed digital partner to LTG Cargo,” said Edwin Hageman, CEO of the Ab Ovo group.

The new system will substitute working practices used until now, where most processes, related to freight carriage planning, are carried out manually and on paper. Upon implementation of the new system, the entire planning of LTG Cargo long-haul freight traffic and required resources will be carried out at the renewed LTG Cargo Carriage Planning Centre in Vilnius.

The cooperation with Ab Ovo has been planned for a five-year period with a possibility to extend it for two more years. The contract, which values 6.4 mln. EUR delivers Ab Ovo’s Managed SaaS solution for rail freight operators based on the DELMIA Quintiq platform from Dassault Systémes. It involves software and hardware, license lease, maintenance and support as well as configuration, integration creation, installation, and training services as a complete turn-key solution for LTG Cargo.

LTG Cargo is currently implementing more than fifty digital transformation and robotic process automation (RPA) initiatives, by which they seek to improve the efficiency of activities and increase the company’s competitiveness. Mobile apps and digital analytics tools are created for that purpose. The Ab Ovo solution is part of this continuous initiative to transform the organization.

About LTG Cargo 

The international company operating in Europe and Asia. Main activities: freight carriage by rail. LTG Cargo possesses one of the largest rolling stock fleets in the Baltic States. The company mostly transports fertilizers, oil and oil products, construction materials, food products, and plant products. The company also develops intermodal projects: carriage of containers and semi-trailers. Subsidiaries of LTG Cargo: LTG Cargo Polska, LTG Cargo Ukraine, and LTG Wagons.

About Ab Ovo

Ab Ovo‘s mission is to support supply chain and logistics companies to work more efficiently, make better decisions and become more resilient by leveraging the power of data. Ab Ovo provides AI-driven transformation, data-driven insights, and solutions that digitalize business processes, enabling decision support. Ab Ovo has been delivering a business solution to the biggest rail operator in Europe for the last 15 years. Ab Ovo is a strategic partner of the Dassault Systemes DELMIA Quintiq brand for over 20 years.