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LTG Cargo Expands Services into Latvia and Estonia with ORLEN Lietuva Partnership

LTG Cargo Expands Services into Latvia and Estonia with ORLEN Lietuva Partnership
photo: LTG Cargo / Public domain/LTG Cargo
15 / 03 / 2024

LTG Cargo is expanding into Northern and Western Europe by initiating freight transport services for AB ORLEN Lietuva in Latvia and Estonia.

LTG Cargo is set to provide comprehensive logistics solutions across the 311 km route from Bugeniai in Lithuania to Valga in Estonia, servicing the only refinery in the Baltics. The decision to extend services beyond Lithuanian borders followed LTG Cargo’s success in an international tender hosted by ORLEN Lietuva, signifying a vital step towards the company's integration into the broader European rail freight market.

Eglė Šimė, CEO of LTG Cargo, underscored the significance of this expansion, noting the company's ambition to cater to the logistical needs of one of the region's largest entities beyond its traditional Lithuanian operations. "While ensuring the transportation of oil products to Estonia, we will continue to focus on fulfilling the customer's needs and increasing the efficiency of our services. We have gathered the necessary resources for transportation, certified locomotives on the territory of Latvia, and assembled a team of specialists and drivers. The development of international transportation is our strategic goal, so in the future, we will offer sustainable logistics solutions to a wider range of customers and any railway station in Estonia," said Šimė. 

By certifying locomotives for operation in Latvia and assembling a dedicated team of specialists, LTG Cargo is poised to offer sustainable logistics solutions across the entire Estonian railway network, aiming to serve a broader customer base with its innovative and efficient freight services. Therefore, the collaboration between LTG Cargo and ORLEN Lietuva is anticipated to bring about competitive dynamics in the Baltic rail freight sector, benefiting stakeholders across the board.

LTG Cargo / Public domain

"Private carriers are emerging that are capable of providing rail freight services in the Baltics. Increasing competition between carriers is good for everyone. It has a positive effect on ORLEN Lietuva's logistics costs and, at the same time, promotes progress in developing the railway infrastructure of the Baltic States and opening up the rail transport logistics market to service providers from other countries," said Radoslaw Misztalewski, CEO of ORLEN Lietuva.

With LTG Cargo's capabilities, freight can be moved from Lithuania through Latvia to Estonia in less than a day, setting the stage for the future development of a rail freight corridor spanning over 1200 km from Finland to Central Europe.