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LOTOS Kolej begins transport to Lithuania

LOTOS Kolej begins transport to Lithuania
photo: LOTOS Kolej press materials/LOTOS Kolej
04 / 06 / 2021

LOTOS Kolej signed a cooperation agreement with Lithuanian LTG Cargo, under which the company first carried out transport to the Trakiszki-Mockava crossing at the Polish-Lithuanian border at the end of May this year.

LOTOS Kolej transported the locomotive M62K to Lithuania, this order was possible on the basis of the Polish-Lithuanian agreement on the transfer of consignments in international operations. - This opens the way for us to transport cargo, especially containers in cross-border transport to and from Lithuania, on the southern or western border - says Anatol Kupryciuk, CEO of LOTOS Kolej.

Railway tracks in Lithuania differ from western ones, as most transport takes place on lines with a gauge of 1520 mm. The standard gauge (1435 mm) is only on a 120 km long route from the Trakiszki-Mockava border crossing to Kaunas, Lithuania's second-largest city.

LOTOS Kolej operates transport not only in Poland but also in Germany and the Czech Republic. In doing so, it is expanding its services to the northeast. The company cooperates with other carriers in cross-border relations and forwards trains to foreign partners, also within the intermodal chain. This allows the development of long-distance transport, which is the advantage of rail as a mode of transport that can deliver a large number of goods to the target customer in a short time. By reducing CO2 emissions, contributes to reducing the carbon footprint.