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Lineas strengthens presence in Ghent in North Sea Port with new dedicated connection to Milano Segrate

Lineas strengthens presence in Ghent in North Sea Port with new dedicated connection to Milano Segrate
photo: Archives/Lineas
20 / 06 / 2021

A dedicated service to support the industries, including a growing need for a more ecological transport alternative and a clear demand to help reduce delays due to road congestion, was in high demand. Today Lineas deliver on this need.

Lineas continues to build its presence on the North-South freight corridor in response to growing customer demand 

Lineas, the largest private rail freight company in Europe, is strengthening its presence in North Sea Port in Ghent (BE) with a new direct intermodal connection to Milano Segrate (IT).  The launch of the new service, which will operate five regularly scheduled return trips per week, allows Lineas to meet the growing regional customer demand for a smart and ecological alternative to road transport. The new connection is supported by 150 employees in Ghent, a key hub for Lineas, which offers several regular connections to the rest of Europe and is growing fast.

Lineas already operates a regular service to the Intermodale Milan Segrate terminal from Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Moerdijk (NL). With the new service from Ghent, the company adds capacity for its customers and strengthens the connection between Italy and the rest of Europe via Lineas’ Green Xpress Network.  With each scheduled train providing customers access to around 22 wagons, the new connection replaces some 11,000 return trips by truck every year. At the same time, the new connection increases capacity between Antwerp and Milano as trains no longer divert via Ghent on this line.

The decision to connect Ghent and Segrate is driven by extensive customer insights and a deep understanding of supply chain flows to and from these regions. A dedicated service to support the industries, including a growing need for a more ecological transport alternative and a clear demand to help reduce delays due to road congestion, was in high demand. Today we deliver on this need”, explains Matthias Herrebosch, Sales Director at Lineas. 

Connecting two major strategic economic hubs

Ghent in North Sea Port is one of Belgium’s major logistical gateways and plays an important role in the supply chain of many raw materials and additives, semi-finished and final products.  Daan Schalck, CEO of North Sea Port. “With the increasing pressure on transit times, often as a result of congested roads, this rail connection makes it even easier for companies to optimize goods flows by shifting to rail.  Lineas’ continued commitment to Ghent as a key European hub is a reflection of the economically strategic importance we play in this region. The company has continued to grow with us over the past years and has managed to set up an impressive service infrastructure that captures the needs of their regional customers, as well as providing them access to the rest of Europe via a growing network.”

“We have continuously developed our presence here and the new service from Ghent to Milano further underlines Lineas’ commitment to Ghent as a key hub for its operations, connecting an ever-expanding regional economy to Europe and beyond,“ says Xavier Verschaffel, Head of Lineas’ Ghent operations, 

The Intermodale Milano Segrate terminal already receives Lineas trains on a daily basis from different European locations and was chosen for it strategic location in Italy’s economic heartland, close to Milan and the industrial district of Bergamo and Brescia. The terminal offers numerous connections to other destinations in the country, such as Rome, Naples, and Sicily as well as cargo shipped eastward. 

Lineas building a rail-based backbone for European transport driving the modal shift 

Lineas has a clear growth strategy as it aims to gain speed through acquisitions and partnerships and build a true rail backbone for European freight transport that enables the modal shift. 

With its ever-expanding Green Xpress network, including nearly 25 regular services for both intermodal and conventional loads between European hubs, including access to seven of Europe’s strategic ports Lineas is increasingly opening up rail as a powerful alternative to road transport.  These connections are complemented with a growing partner-enabled door-to-door offering, investments in technological innovation, and over 7000 specialized wagons to transport nearly every freight type. 


Source: Lineas press releases