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Laude offers a new intermodal service between Gdańsk and Zamość

Laude offers a new intermodal service between Gdańsk and Zamość
photo: locomotive
22 / 11 / 2020

Since November, the Polish company Laude has launched the first intermodal railway connection between the DCT terminal in Gdańsk and Zamość.

The Laude Smart Intermodal specializes more in the transportation of bulk goods and steel materials. Now it has decided to enter the maritime transport market with its own innovative system of containers and its own wagons.

The EU funds were also used to implement this new merger. Transport between Gdańsk and Zamość should be carried out twice a week. Trains from Gdańsk are supposed to depart on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Arrivals to Zamość are scheduled for Thursday and Sunday.

The Zamość terminal is very closely connected with Ukraine and has wide gauge tracks, which allows further connection of this connection to the east. The new connection may therefore have another strategic significance. The terminal in Zamość currently offers two bridge cranes. There are also scales and manipulators in its premises, to facilitate transports. The Zamość terminal complex is currently undergoing renovations with the aim of increasing its capacity. The reconstruction should be completed in 2021.

The Laude Smart Intermodal offers its clients a complete transport and logistics solution. In addition to rail transport, it also has trucks. Its innovative containers are suitable for all types of transport; sea, water, road, etc. Laude owns intermodal trains that run between Poland and Ukraine, Russia and Moldova.