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Kaunas intermodal terminal open for commercial operation on Rail Baltica

Kaunas intermodal terminal open for commercial operation on Rail Baltica
photo: LTG Infra/Kaunas intermodal terminal open for commercial operation on Rail Baltica
24 / 07 / 2021

On July 19, the first train loaded with containers and truck semi-trailers arrived at the Kaunas intermodal terminal (Lithuania) from the Netherlands. This event is significant because it runs on the European standard railway. Terminal Kaunas has thus officially become the furthest point of the European rail system in the east.

Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė, Transport Minister Marius Skuodis, representatives of institutions and organizations implementing the Rail Baltica project, partners, and other important guests attended the official welcome ceremony for the first train.

"The opening of the Kaunas intermodal terminal for commercial transport is an essential step in the Rail Baltica project from construction to transport implementation. This will significantly improve connections with Europe for freight carriers and expand transport possibilities in the Baltic region," said Transport Minister Marius Skuodis.

LTG Ceo Mantas Bartuška stressed that linking Kaunas terminal with The European Rail Gauge is not only an economic success for Lithuania but also another link in the consistent realization of the Green Course objectives.

"Train transport is considered one of the most vulnerable means of transport, the EU has officially stated that in order to reduce CO2 emissions, freight must be transported by train or boat for a distance of more than 300 km and road vehicles should be used as last-mile service. The connection to the European railways opens up further opportunities for the development of ecological rail transport, and this is how CO2 emissions of trucks and freeing up motorways are reduced," said CEO M. Bartuška.

Karolis Sankovski, general director of LTG Infra, noted that the EU-funded project is up to 85 percent. Rail Baltica, funded by the EU Structural Funds and continued support by the EU institutions for this project, is more than just railway infrastructure, it is an economic corridor that supports regional transport.

''Intermodalni terminal Kaunas is becoming a gateway to Europe and opens up new possibilities for combined freight transport – goods can be moved from wide-wide to European and vice versa, as well as from trucks on rail and vice versa, said K. Sankovski, CEO of LTG Infra.