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Intermodal carrier Bahnoperator took over the new Gama Marathon locomotive

Intermodal carrier Bahnoperator took over the new Gama Marathon locomotive
photo: PESA Bydgoszcz S.A. press materials/Intermodal carrier Bahnoperator took over the new Gama Marathon locomotive
13 / 12 / 2021

Polish ROSCO company Rail Capital Partners handed over another locomotive designed by PESA S.A. Gama Marathon 111Ed freight carrier Bahnoperator. According to the CEO of TE Bahnoperator, Marcel Stein, a single system locomotive with a commuter module will get designed for transport in Poland. Thanks to the acquisition of this vehicle, the company will significantly reduce costs and time for transportation to the terminals. In addition, it will get reflected in the prices for its end customers.

"Bahnoperator sees potential in the projects that PESA has been working on. He is also seriously interested in using a double-propelled locomotive to carry out its transports, "stated Magdalena Stefaniuk, CEO of Bahnoperator Polska.

Due to the high market demand and in line with the adopted strategy, RCP will continue to develop its fleet. Purchases of other new locomotives got planned for this year. Thanks to these activities, carriers will get able to gradually replace obsolete, often over 40-year-old rolling stock that no longer meets market expectations.

"The high reliability of the electric locomotive in combination with the commuter module is proving to be a great benefit in today's transport market. Such a connection allows transport on all major routes as well as on railway sidings and lines without electric traction. This universal solution makes it possible to reduce transport time, and this is what is considered important, to the RCP customers, "said Roman Pluciński, Member of the RCP Board of Directors.

"We are pleased that intermodal carriers appreciate the Gama Marathon, an electric locomotive with a range engine. We are working on the next generations of vehicles - for example, test drives of a two-drive locomotive will start this month. We want our locomotives to be even more environmentally friendly. This also results in the consistent development of a hydrogen-powered locomotive which was very well received at TRAKO.  This fact got confirmed by the demands of other European customers, that are also interested in our hydrogen shunting locomotives. ”Said Maciej Maciejewski, PESA S.A.