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Innofreight expands market leadership on alpine rails with Nexxiot

Innofreight expands market leadership on alpine rails  with Nexxiot
photo: Innofreight/Innofreight expands market leadership on alpine rails with Nexxiot
01 / 10 / 2021

The Austrian rail logistics company Innofreight is deploying Nexxiot solutions as of this year. For this purpose, the market leader on alpine railways is gradually equipping 1,000 rail freight cars with Nexxiot devices, the so-called Globehoppers. The increased service quality of Innofreight transports results from the higher interoperability with other partners as well as better data for the maintenance of freight cars. Supplying the complete fleet will strengthen the added value that has already been achieved.

True to its motto "Moving Limits", Innofreight focuses on innovative logistics solutions for rail. The company has already established itself in the European market as a developer of wagons, containers, and unloading systems. Innofreight's solutions are now operating in 18 countries on the three European track gauges and are used across all industries. Originally based in the timber industry, Innofreight's rail logistics products are now serving a wide range of sectors of the economy.

Isabella Legat, CEO of Innofreight IT Solutions GmbH, comments: “As a driver of innovation, we work with the most modern, future-proof technologies that are designed to meet upcoming challenges to create unique value for our customers. To achieve this, we particularly focus on transparency, increased efficiency, and productivity through the smart use of data. Nexxiot's solutions are therefore an excellent strategic fit to expand our business as well as our services in line with our high quality and security standards.”

The two companies want to make substantial progress in Big Data analytics. Legat points out: “Using the predictive intelligence provided by data sets, we are able to significantly optimize supply chain management for our customers.”

Nexxiot is adding more Globehoppers to Innofreight's fleet in the coming months. Besides enhancing the quality of its freight transport and improving compatibility with partner systems, Innofreight will also benefit from Nexxiot's Big Data analytics. By using cutting-edge algorithms, value is extracted from millions of data points, providing further visibility into fleet efficiency and the service offering to Innofreight's customers.

Stefan Kalmund, CEO of Nexxiot, states about the cooperation of the two innovation-oriented companies: “Innofreight is in fact a ‘hidden champion’, a clear market leader in its segment and equipped with the ability to address strategic aspects of the future today.” By systematically applying proven sensor technology, the movement of goods across the Alps is monitored. The information generated increases transparency and ultimately process automation. “Together with Innofreight, we will create a new standard for rail transport in the Alps,” adds Stefan Kalmund.

About Innofreight:

Founded in 2002, the rail logistics company is based in Bruck an der Mur (Austria) and handles 1.5 million container shipments per year. The company's 125 international employees handle 15,000 containers, 2,000 InnoWagons, and 200 block trains for their customers. The company's activities focus on the development of innovative freight cars, containers, and unloading systems for and in cooperation with its customers.

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