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Innofreight and LTG Cargo Operate Urgently Needed Transports for Poland

Innofreight and LTG Cargo Operate Urgently Needed Transports for Poland
photo: Innofreight/Innofreight and LTG Cargo Operate Urgently Needed Transports for Poland
13 / 01 / 2023

For the first time, Innofreight containers are reloaded from broad gauge to standard gauge during one transport – without moving the loaded material. Together with LTG Cargo, Innofreight handles urgently needed energy transports for Poland. Due to the energy crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Poland is struggling with the lack of coal and other raw materials from Russia. Poland still covers 70 per cent of its energy needs with coal, and private households in particular require the fuel.

To compensate for the shortfall of Russian raw materials, they are purchased in other countries, such as Spain. The ports in Poland have limited capacity to handle the required delivery volumes, so new transport routes are needed. LTG Cargo and Innofreight have found a solution: Coal arrives by ship from the port of Klaipėda, Lithuania, and is transported to Braniewo, Poland by train.

The trains in Lithuania travel on broad gauge, and in Poland on standard gauge. To overcome this challenge, the wagons from LTG Cargo with 60 MonTainers XXL are loaded at the port of Klaipėda and transported to a terminal in Kaunas or Šeštokai. There, the MonTainers are reloaded on 15 2×40 ft InnoWagons. Afterwards, the train travels to Braniewo, where the transported coal is distributed to end customers and industries.

This reloading process has several benefits. It is more efficient and faster than unloading the entire train in a bunker or with large machines, and it eliminates the need for the coal to be manipulated. It always stays in the same container, which means there is no air pollution and no dust in the villages next to the terminal.

Through transport, Innofreight helps ensure that Poland has the energy it needs to keep its citizens warm in the winter months.

Source: Innofreight Press Releases