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HHPI Boosts Fleet with Ermewa's 110 Faccns Wagons

HHPI Boosts Fleet with Ermewa's 110 Faccns Wagons
photo: Ermewa/HHPI Boosts Fleet with Ermewa's 110 Faccns Wagons
10 / 07 / 2023

Heavy Haul Power International GmbH (HHPI), one of Germany’s leading rail freight operators based in Erfurt, is expanding its cooperation with wagon lessor Ermewa, which started in 2021, by leasing 110 brand new Faccns wagons. The first batch will arrive at HHPI in July 2023, with further wagons being delivered in stages throughout the year.

The wagons, manufactured by Greenbrier, have a capacity of 49 mand are suitable for transporting bulk goods. They will be used by HHPI mainly for construction projects and the transport of aggregate for which they are equipped according to the customer's operational requirements, including pneumatic flaps on both sides of the wagon. In addition, the wagons are fitted with GPS devices to improve tracking and monitoring capabilities.

"Ermewa has proven its capabilities over the last two years. Their services are the best choice for us. With this in mind, we have decided to expand our fleet again with Ermewa," said Thomas Schöfbauer, Managing Director of HHPI.

Cyrille Guyon, Deputy Managing Director of Ermewa, added: "We are delighted with HHPI's vote of confidence and will continue to be at their side as a partner with tailor-made solutions".

Source: Ermewa