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GREAT NEWS: CZ Loko Has Delivered the First Shunting Locomotives to PKP Intercity

GREAT NEWS: CZ Loko Has Delivered the First Shunting Locomotives to PKP Intercity
photo: PKP Intercity/CZ Loko Has Delivered the First Shunting Locomotives to PKP Intercity
14 / 11 / 2022

PKP Intercity, Poland's national railway carrier, has announced the addition of six diesel shunting locomotives produced by Czech company CZ Loko to its fleet, as part of a contract worth nearly PLN 40 million.

These light diesel locomotives will be used for shunting work and to assemble the carrier's carriages on the sidings of PKP Intercity's plants, and will be accompanied by 1-2 wagon sets from the company's fleet. CZ Loko will also train the carrier's employees in locomotive operation, and provide a four-year warranty and guarantee for the vehicles produced.

This move is part of PKP Intercity's largest-ever investment program, the PKP Intercity – Railway of Large Investments, which seeks to replace the company's entire fleet with new or modernised locomotives by 2030. As part of this program, the carrier plans to invest PLN 24.5 billion gross in rolling stock, resulting in 429 locomotives of various types, 109 electric multiple units, 35 hybrid multiple units, and 38 seven-car double-deck push-pull trainsets, as well as 2,466 carriages.

Other locomotives that have recently been added to the PKP Intercity fleet include 11 modernised universal locomotives of the new SU4220 series from FPS – H. Cegielski, which have been upgraded to a two-aggregate version with a 3kV DC power supply function for passenger coaches, and 10 multi-system locomotives from NEWAG, which will travel on tracks at speeds of up to 200 km/h and be approved for operation in six countries: Poland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Additionally, the carrier has announced a tender for the purchase of 20 new single-system electric locomotives, and signed a contract with PESA Bydgoszcz for the delivery of 16 hybrid locomotives with a maximum speed of 160 km/h in electric traction and 120 km/h in diesel traction.

Overall, these investments are intended to increase the capabilities of the carrier's rolling stock and improve safety and travel comfort for passengers. PKP Intercity CEO Marek Chraniuk emphasises that the company's largest investment program is an important step for both the development of the division and the diversification of LTG Cargo's operations, and will help ensure that employees can easily develop and acquire new competencies, translating into an increasingly higher level of services provided by the company.