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GigaWood by Innofreight are now available on the SMARTY app platform.

GigaWood by Innofreight are now available on the SMARTY app platform.
photo: Innofreight/Innofreight
10 / 11 / 2021

GigaWood freight wagons are distributed through the car-sharing SMARTY platform.The new InnoWaggons 90ft are equipped with stanchions for wood lengths from 2.4m upwards. A significant advantage is the absence of tension belts – the 3m high stanchions, the end walls, and no manual as a loading guarantee maximum safety at work. The loading and unloading can be done more simply and quickly.

The main reasons for developing this app are outdated technology, insufficient customer orientation, high inflexibility, and non-sustainable business models. These reasons also cause a continuous decrease in market shares. Therefore, Innofreight Solutions GmbH came up with an appropriate solution - The SMARTY app, which provides a wide range of options for its customers, such as:

1. Organization and logistics model for the management of a “Smart GigaWood” wagon “sharing pool”

2. Customer-oriented business model (incl. Benefit and price model) for the “sharing platform”

3. Development of a prototype “sharing platform” as the implementation of the points mentioned above as a control and communication platform for equipment providers and customers.

Together with the partners on the customer side, through test traffic using the fully digitized “Smart Gigawood” wagons in a “resource pool”, the opportunities for cooperation and the implementation or development of the “sharing platform” as an implementation tool for the new business model to be developed are promoted.