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GFR launches a new integrative application called Synopsis

GFR launches a new integrative application called Synopsis
photo: GFR press materials/GFR launches a new integrative application called Synopsis
21 / 03 / 2022

The digital division of Grup Feroviar Român (GFR) is launching an application that integrates most of the rail operator's systems to provide real-time operational information and perspectives. The application is called Synopsis.

 The application system integrates all information regarding train movements (INFO RU application), electronic transport contracting (STE application), wagon monitoring (NFOR GFR application and Shunting Expert application), evaluation of train handling to destination (ETA Expert application), and train planning (GFR application, which interfaces with Atlas RU CFR). Thus, Synopsis will provide reports in the form of tables, maps, schedules, routes, etc. in real-time through a simple and easily accessible interface. It will significantly reduce the time it takes to collect and process information, which, in turn, will facilitate quicker decision-making in the back office, workplace, and management levels.

"The speed and precision of decision making are two key factors for GFR's work, as they influence the movement of tens of thousands of tons of cargo each day and ultimately ensure that we meet our commitment to clients and partners," Gruia Stoica, President and founder of the GRAMPET Group - Grup Feroviar Roman said.

The synopsis is the third digital application developed entirely by GFR. Overall, the company's digital division has been investing significant resources in innovation projects for 17 years. Since 2005, they have developed more than 25 specialized applications to help improve regional operations.

"One of the greatest challenges for the railway industry has always been to find a way to get all the information about a certain train, in a precise, easy way and at any time. Even if this information was found in various digital systems, the synoptic, consolidating vision was missing. The synopsis is the most interconnected application (it uses data from 9 systems and transmits to 3) and can process a very large amount of data to generate accurate and useful reports," Amedeo Neculcea, the Deputy General Manager of the Grup Feroviar Roman, said.


The launch of Synopsis will mark the maturity of the digitalization process for GFR.