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GATX reports on Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC)

GATX reports on Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC)
photo: GATX press materials/GATX reports on Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC)
13 / 04 / 2022

According to a GATX press release, DAC test drives on the German rail network and several German shunting yards were extended in early 2022 to achieve optimal performance measurements under real-world conditions and scenarios on the rail network, and to provide personnel with DAC experience for future operational conversion to the new clutch system.

After successful testing and encouraging results, the test train was sent to Switzerland for additional testing on the Gothard / Basis Tunnel panoramic route. In addition to the DAC system, the train was equipped with EP light brakes. Germany is expected to add 12 more cars, including two new car types for further testing, to the train, which will travel to DB Manheim. Long-haul trains are also scheduled to be tested in the Czech Republic, France, and Poland in early summer 2022.

The automated connection of the air, power, and data lines of the digital automatic coupler contributes to greater transport efficiency. Digitalization, in turn, reduces costs by replacing the manual coupling of trains in rail freight operations.

"With DAC, European rail transport achieves greater transparency and competitiveness while meeting our environmental goals," states GATX.