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GATX Rail Europe: Pressurized gas train tanks

GATX Rail Europe: Pressurized gas train tanks
photo: GATX/GATX
09 / 11 / 2021

The wagon hire company GATX Rail Europe has developed a pressurized gas car with a volume of 119m³ and a standard LPG car’s distance between the outer axles of 13.9 meters. This new jumbo pressure gas car with a width over buffers of 18.8 meters combines reduced tare weight with a higher tank volume.

As it comes without an underframe, the transport capacity could be extended while maintaining the same distance between the outer axles.

The pressure gas cars are provided with changing vents and are available with capacities of up to 121 m³ and some are equipped with a sun shield roof. In addition, the company is adding extra instrument panels fitted to customer specifications. Retrofitting to LL brake blocks as well as new kinds of safety equipment, such as crash bumpers, headshields, and other features.

It is possible to use these tank cars as liquefied gas carriers for propane, butane, light carbohydrate fractions, propylene, butadiene, cooling gas mixtures, and others.

The essential data of the new jumbo pressurized gas tank car from GATX:

 Tank volume 119 m³

 Tank code P27BH

 Tare weight 32.5 t

 Total weight 90 t

 length over buffers 18,800 mm

 distance between outer axles 13,900 mm

 Lowest filling temperature – 40 °C