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GATX Delivers New Wagons to Valued Customer Varo Energy Marketing AG

GATX Delivers New Wagons to Valued Customer Varo Energy Marketing AG
photo: GATX press materials/GATX Delivers New Wagons to Valued Customer Varo Energy Marketing AG
23 / 03 / 2022

GATX Rail Europe has demonstrated that it stands as a smart choice for its customers in the achievement of their transport efficiency and green goals. After receiving a purchase order last September, the company delivered 44 newly built mineral oil GATX tank cars type 1697 to Varo Energy Marketing AG. Just last week Varo announced that it started to load and unload trains at its latest terminal in Amsterdam using the new GATX rail tank cars.

Achieving cleaner transport mandates that GATX Rail Europe shares the same values. Ensuring easy and safe transport is key in attaining this goal. Throughout the years, both GATX Rail Europe and Varo Energy Marketing AG have shared this endeavor, and each made it their mission to respectively provide and find the safest option in fuel transport to both local and international customers.

Before using GATX Rail Europe services, Varo employed ships to transport their cargo. Recently, they got the opportunity to switch to rail when their partner GPS Terminal Amsterdam’s harbor got a new rail siding for the loading of rail tank cars. The first GATX Rail Europe wagons were hence shipped there for handover and calibration.

The company’s team trained GPS Terminal Amsterdam staff in handling the newly built tank cars, making sure that the GPS team was well versed on topics such as the general contract of use, damages, loading/unloading procedures, labels, and brake system and RID facts.

The Varo Energy Marketing AG team expressed their enthusiasm to be working with GATX Rail Europe following the successful handover: “We are delighted to be working with such a thorough and efficient team. They have proven to be an indispensable transport link that makes its customers‘ activities both more efficient and safer. With GATX Rail Europe by our side, making the switch to rail is easy!”


Source: GATX press releases