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GATX acquired Trifleet Leasing, the world's fourth-largest tank containers lessor.

GATX acquired Trifleet Leasing, the world's fourth-largest tank containers lessor.
18 / 02 / 2021

Trifleet Leasing Holdin BV is headquartered in the Netherlands but has branches around the world. The company's fleet reaches more than 18,000 tank containers, which are leased to customers, in the chemical, energy, food, cryogenic and pharmaceutical industries, as well as tank container operators. Trifleet also manages this fleet.

Trifleet rents standard tank containers ranging in size from 14,500 to 26,000 liters. These are special tank containers, such as cooling tanks, swap bodies, oversized tanks, lined tanks with different types of linings and electrically heated tanks. It also has cryogenic tank containers in its fleet.

In addition to leasing tank containers worldwide, Trifleet also offers related services such as Fleet Service Management and technical support.

For GATX, Trifleet's business is a welcome addition to their services. Trifleet also shares a similar business philosophy to GATX. The common denominator of this philosophy is striving for the highest levels of safety, quality, and customer service.

"We are already collaborating with our new Trifleet colleagues to provide joint tank container and railcar offerings to our European customers," says Johann Feindert, the CEO of GATX Rail Europe. “I am very excited about this new business platform and confident that our combined portfolio of tank containers and railcars will expand existing customer relationships as well as attract new customers,” added Johann Feindert.



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