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GATX 119m³ multi-purpose champion gas railcar

GATX 119m³ multi-purpose champion gas railcar
photo: GATX press materials/GATX
28 / 10 / 2021

GATX has successfully rented over 500 cars of this type to more than 20 clients. Due to high demands, the company plans to assemble more cars at their in-house workshop in Ostróda, Poland. The company has been featuring the Jumbo LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) 119m³ wagon since 2018.

Its design improvements combine lower tare weight, crash buffers, and exclusion of the sun shield roof. In addition, the wagons are being supplied with a strong tank head that is RID TE25, with free vent access location according to the EN12561-3 blueprints and enables an easy hydraulic valve operation. All vents are equipped with safe bellow reinforcements.

The car is also equipped with a higher wheelset class of 25t axles by a maximum axle load of 22.5 t and length over buffers of 18.8m, while the distance of the outer axles is designed to 13.90m.

New improvements have made this railcar the multi-purpose champion for numerous reasons—it is very controllable and safe to load and unload. It fits on all European weighbridges and offers the clients an up to 2% payload boost! 

In addition, it can be equipped with couplings for even faster loading and unloading. This design is compatible with the Digital Automated Coupling (DAC) installation requirements and can be equipped with telematics. With all these improvements, customers from various markets are on a pathway to optimal transport with our 119m³ gas railcar!

Elisabeth Jilli, Business Unit Manager at GATX Rail Europe says: “We are very happy to respond to the market’s high demand for this optimized and highly useful gas car. We are prepared to meet all requests and look forward to serving our customers as efficiently and as seamlessly as possible!”