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Freight Train Derailment in Norway Disrupts Bergen-Vaksdal Route

Freight Train Derailment in Norway Disrupts Bergen-Vaksdal Route
photo: Tipser / Bergens Tiende / Public domain/Freight train derailment, Norway
26 / 03 / 2024

A freight train derailed at Arna station on the evening of last Friday, causing a major disruption in train services between Bergen and Vaksdal, Norway.

The incident led to minor injuries for the locomotive driver, who was promptly provided medical care. Authorities confirmed the absence of hazardous materials on the train. The derailment not only halted the train services but also trapped a regional train from Oslo to Bergen inside the Arnanipa tunnel, necessitating a swift evacuation and assistance operation for the passengers involved.

Cleanup operations commenced by Saturday evening, with efforts focused on removing the catenary system to clear the derailed wagons, while the precise extent of the infrastructure damage and the timeline for full restoration remained uncertain.

Bergens Tidende / Public domain

Bane NOR, the Norwegian infrastructure manager, has launched a comprehensive investigation into the cause alongside the cleanup process. With the site cleared for cleanup operations to begin in earnest, the focus shifts to assessing the damage and restoring normalcy to the affected route. Sverre Kjenne, CEO of Bane NOR, mentioned the uncertainty surrounding the infrastructure's damage extent and the expected duration of cleanup efforts.