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EXCITING: LTG Cargo Conducts Successful Test Runs in Estonia

EXCITING: LTG Cargo Conducts Successful Test Runs in Estonia
photo: LTG, RAILTARGET Archive/EXCITING: LTG Cargo Conducts Successful Test Runs in Estonia
27 / 10 / 2023

LTG Cargo, the freight transportation subsidiary of the Lietuvos geležinkėlių (LTG) Group, which has ambitions to extend its operations to Northern and Western Europe, is gearing up to broaden its international transportation reach.

Currently, the company is undertaking crucial preparatory steps to obtain the requisite safety certifications in both Latvia and Estonia. LTG Cargo recently conducted its inaugural test runs in Estonia. Eglė Šimė, the head of LTG Cargo, remarked, "As we expand into Western markets, we recognize the potential links with the Nordic countries. Our goal is to offer even better options for clients looking to shift their freight transportation from road to rail. We anticipate that introducing new logistics solutions in these emerging markets will bolster a more sustainable and efficient rail connection, not just within the Baltic states but also between Northern and Western Europe."

During these test runs, LTG Cargo's locomotives were evaluated on the Tartu-Valga-Tartu route (Valga being a city in southern Estonia bordering Latvia) to determine their technical capabilities and LTG Cargo's proficiency in operating trains at the maximum permitted speeds for that section. Such test runs are imperative to certify the company's locomotives for operation in Estonia and pave the way for LTG Cargo's future endeavors in the country.

Source: LTG Cargo on LinkedIn,