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EXCITING: ÖBB RCG Is to Transport a TGV for Alstom

EXCITING: ÖBB RCG Is to Transport a TGV for Alstom
photo: ÖBB Rail Cargo Group/ÖBB RCG Is to Transport a TGV for Alstom
09 / 02 / 2023

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group doesn’t just transport ordinary goods such as steel, wood and grain; it moves entire trains too. The second special transport of a TGV for RCG’s client Alstom will take place in February.

The new TGV will be used for passenger transport in France from 2024. TGV is one of the best-known types of high-speed train in the world, having set several records for reaching up to 350 km/h. The new trains are produced by Alstom in France and will race through the countryside for SNCF, the French state railway company. Before that, however, they need to undergo extensive testing. This is where RCG comes into the frame.

Special transport through Austria

The first TGV was transported from France to the test site in the Czech Republic in December. Several railway undertakings were involved in the operation. RCG was responsible for the transit through Austria. The following video shows the journey taking place. There are empty freight wagons in front of and behind the TGV. These are connected to the locomotive and serve as brake wagons, as the TGV cannot brake for itself while being transported.

As the train has not yet been licensed, it needed a special permit to travel as an extraordinary consignment. RCG special transports unit takes care of that.

TGV No. 2 is on its way

Alstom’s second train will be brought from France to Austria in February. Once again, RCG will take care of the stretch that goes through Austria. The TGV will then be assessed for temperature, wind and humidity, among other things, in Vienna’s Climatic Wind Tunnel.

A transport solution whatever the item

RCG’s special transports unit moves track-laying machines, underground trains, trams, metro trains, rail-grinding trains, passenger carriages and many other rail vehicles for customers in the automotive industry. RCG offers a variety of innovative logistics services and transport solutions – from the first mile to the last.

Source: ÖBB Rail Cargo Group