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Eurodual locomotive now homologated in Austria

Eurodual locomotive now homologated in Austria
photo: European Loc Pool/Eurodual locomotive
04 / 11 / 2021

European Loc Pool AG (ELP) initiated and drove forward the homologation of the Eurodual locomotive in Austria. EuroDual locomotives are now available for use in Austria.

With Stadler Valencia as a partner, ELP was able to obtain the homologation for the EuroDual locomotive based on the 4th railway package in Austria. As of today, the EuroDual locomotive can operate on the lines of profile 312 on the ÖBB network. Homologation for the border stations to Hungary (Hegyeshalom), Slovakia (Bratislava) and the Czech Republic (Břeclav) is expected by the end of this year.

Together with its service partner, Stadler Rail Services, ELP has already been able to establish the service network in Austria. The first workshops are located in Vienna and Linz. Additional workshops will be added to the network shortly.

ELP’s existing EuroDual Germany locomotives are being converted for Austria, and the declaration of conformity for the new EuroDual Germany-Austria vehicle type is expected in the coming days. Future EuroDual Germany locomotives will be delivered directly with the corresponding configuration for Germany-Austria.

For ELP, this is a major step in the geographical expansion of the EuroDual operational area. ELP’s goal in the next few years is to further expand the operational area towards South-Eastern Europe (Balkans) and towards the port of Rotterdam (route approval on the Betuwe route in the Netherlands).


Source: Press releases European Loc Pool