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Ermewa SA has leased 35 new EANOS wagons to CARBOSPED

Ermewa SA has leased 35 new EANOS wagons to CARBOSPED
photo: ČTK/Ermewa´s wagon
21 / 06 / 2021

Ermewa SA extended its long-term cooperation with its business partner CARBOSPED, s.r.o. The Czech Railway Company will use the leased wagons to transport coal on the route from Rotterdam, the Netherlands to Ostrava in the Czech Republic. CARBOSPED operates Ermewa bulk goods transport for the steel, energy, and timber industries. The first leases were signed ten years ago.

The 82,5 m3 leased Eanos four-wheel box wagons were manufactured in 2020 and are designed for the transport of iron or other bulk materials. The wagons comply with the latest European regulations in force (TSI WAG, TSI Noise, TEN GE) and all are equipped with GPS equipment. In recent years, Ermewa has expanded its portfolio with this type of car to meet the growing demand for E-type cars on the European market.

"We are pleased that Ermewa SA has entered into a strategic partnership with us to supply the European steel industry with coal from overseas. Although coal production in Europe is declining and its energy use is becoming a thing of the past, it is still an irreplaceable raw material in the production of coke for steel production," says Vladan Koptiš, Managing Director of CARBOSPED, s.r.o.

About Ermewa SA

Ermewa SA is one of Europe's leading rail hire companies. The company, headquartered in Paris, currently owns over 40,000 wagons with a wide range of over 120 different types. Ermewa SA has over 220 employees in 17 offices across Europe and offers versatile service to industrial companies, shipping companies, and carriers.